Can yoga help me?

Yoga asana is a diverse and versatile practice that unifies our body, breath and awareness to help us deepen our relationship to ourselves through movement.

Yoga is good for your health.

The benefits of yoga asana go well beyond having greater strength and flexibility. According to numerous research studies conducted through the National Institutes of Health, yoga can help significantly in the treatment of conditions like back pain, neck pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and insomnia, among others.

Yoga can help you manage stress.

The pressures and pace of daily life can be overwhelming. Yoga has regulatory effects on the endocrine, nervous and immune systems, helping manage the physiological side of stress. At a more subtle level, yoga teaches us skills and techniques that help us better negotiate the complexities of our inner and outer worlds so that we can make lasting changes in our relationship to stress.

Yoga can empower you.

Have you ever done something new, or something you thought you couldn’t do but accomplished after lots of work? Yoga poses can be like that.  They teach us about how we can access our own inner resources. Yoga asks us to take responsibility for our bodies and our minds, and ultimately to be accountable to how we treat ourselves, inviting us to be the people we want to be and to create the lives we want to live.

Yoga is a life-affirming practice.

In the Hatha yoga tradition, the body is not seen as an impediment to freedom, its revered as the most potent vehicle for personal growth. Yoga invites us to reframe reductionist beliefs about our body and the struggles we have as we confront the challenges of life in order explore whether we might see what is difficult as fodder for what is possible. 


My approach to yoga.

For me, yoga is not about yoga poses. Yoga poses are gateways to deeper understanding and a more holistic experience of ourselves. So, while I teach a lot of poses and a lot of alignment inside of poses, my real focus is on helping you build a relationship with yourself. In my classes I bring together biomechanics, alignment exploration, strength-building and subtle body awareness.

I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 1998 and have been teaching regularly since 2008. I continue to discover that a more fulfilling connection with myself, as well as with the world around me, is possible.

Yoga Classes

Public classes are a great way to connect with the larger yoga community and experience the diversity and variety that the yoga practice has to offer. In the weekly public classes I teach we focus on integrating alignment and healthy movement with the ever-changing terrain of real life.

Current teaching schedule:


5:45-7pm Yoga Level 2

The Bhaktishop Yoga Center

Yoga Workshops + Retreats

Yoga workshops, series and retreats are helpful to initiate or delve deeper into your yoga practice. They unfold over time in a progressive, consistent way and in an intimate environment. Instead of learning a little bit of something quickly, workshops incorporate repetition allowing you to deepen and expand your understanding and develop your skill base progressively. 

Costa Rica Renewal Retreat 2019

January 5th-January 13th, 2019

Join Kate, Lisa Mae and Danielle from The Bhaktishop Yoga Center to venture far afield to the wild, off-grid jungles of the bio-diverse Osa Peninsula in Southwestern Costa Rica for 8 nights of yoga inspired renewal, reflection, and serious joy.

Private Yoga Instruction + Yoga Therapy

The focused attention of individual yoga instruction is incredibly helpful when you have an injury or special therapeutic needs, are just starting your practice, want to befriend your body through mindful movement.

Contact me to schedule a private yoga session.