What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a healing modality that recognizes the vibratory nature of existence. It uses therapeutic sounds and frequencies to facilitate curative shifts at the physical and subtle levels of being.  The practice of sound healing is incredibly old and culturally universal, making the application of sound for healing vast.

Sound healing balances your life force energy.

Healing traditions throughout the world recognize life force energy as central to health. In East Asian medicine it’s called Qi. In the yoga tradition, it goes by the name Prana.  In both of these systems, sound vibration can be used to balance and harmonize your life force energy to heal physical, mental and emotional problems. These traditions also use sound as a pathway towards our most unifying, spiritual experiences.

Sound healing reduces stress.

Research has confirmed that stress is one of the most significant causative factors of disease processes. When we are continually “stressed” our nervous system loses its resilience and we get stuck in a chronic state of sympathetic stimulation. Sound healing helps to tonify the nervous system and restore its ability to modulate between “ready for action” and “rest and digest” modes. This happens through the changes in brainwave frequencies that come from listening to the therapeutic sound vibrations as well as the introduction of sound frequencies into acupuncture channels.

Sound healing facilitates emotional integration.

Emotions are as physical as they are psychological and when we enter into the landscape of the emotions, we are contending with some of the most transformative energies within us. When we ignore emotions, our energy begins to stagnate. This can manifest as physical problems, like pain, as well as more readily identifiable psychological ones, like anxiety and depression. Sound Healing can ease you into a state where you can access and move emotional energy, liberating you from physical and mental distress.

Sound healing can initiate spiritual openings.

Because the vibrations of the tuning forks are attuned to the frequencies within our solar system, they can bring us into resonance with the “big picture” of our lives, offering us both perspective and direction. Vibration is also a medium between matter and sprit, form and formlessness and has been recognized as such by spiritual traditions and scientists alike. Sound healing gives you access to a liminal space where you can create new ways of being or dissolve old patterns, which can greatly assist on the spiritual path.


My approach to sound healing.

I practice a method of sound healing that centers around the application of therapeutic frequencies through precision-calibrated tuning forks, singing bowls and a symphonic gong. Using these tools I generate various tones and combinations of tones called intervals. My tuning forks come from the Acutonics system of sound healing, which focuses on the integration of sound healing and Chinese medicine. The vibrations emitted from the Acutonics tuning forks come from the frequencies generated by the movements of the planetary bodies in our solar system around their orbits, realizing the Daoist aspiration of human beings acting as an integrative and balancing force between the Earth and the Sky.

I apply the tuning forks to acupuncture points, directing the specific frequencies generated by the tuning forks into the meridians or specific body tissues. In addition, I also use higher frequency forks and the singing bowl and gong around the body as a way of facilitating healing and relaxation through connection with the subtle body, which includes working with the chakras.

Sound Healing Treatments

I practice sound healing at Kwan Yin Healing Arts East, a natural health clinic in NE Portland. To schedule a sound healing treatment or an acupuncture treatment that includes the use of tuning forks, click here

Learn More

Want to learn more about sound healing and it’s relationship to Chinese medicine?  You can read an excerpt from my graduate thesis, “Resonant Medicine: Chinese Medicine and Tuning Fork-Based Sound Healing."