At first, facing our suffering can be scary. Sometimes even terrifying. Awareness is a harbinger of change and acknowledging we are in pain and need help is not an easy road. I have experienced this in my own life, and have seen it over and over again in my 10 years of working in healing settings with both clients and students.

I’m here to help you see where you’re suffering and walk with you through it, because on the other side of where you are struggling, is where you are free. Moving through, rather than avoiding challenges, is an empowering process. It takes commitment, and it takes support.


At the appointment and for the rest of the evening my energy level was way up. I felt balanced, relaxed, and very positive in general.  Also, last night I had deep, restful sleep and didn't wake in the middle of the night as I have been recently. Your treatment methods are unique to anything I've experienced and proved to have a very tangible effect.” —JK