“Kate, you have a presence that is simply innate knowing. You listen carefully to what my body is telling you and help create patterns of adjustment to create ease and grace within me. So many things have been shifting for me of late. Our sessions really help me recognize things within myself and open to new incoming information. I am so grateful for our time together. THANK YOU.” 

The Healing Process: How It Works

Resolving the pain that is keeping you stuck and restoring the healthy flow of your life energy is a process. I’ve been taught and have found through experience that the path towards healing and health follows some basic principles.

My work is founded on these principles:

  1. Health sources from the integrated and harmonious flow of our vital energy.

  2. Hindrances in the flow of this life energy can create pain and suffering.

  3. These blockages and the pain that comes with them are often from unintegrated life events and can come from any number of sources.

  4. Healing is a personal journey, and yet, in order to heal we often need help. This includes finding the right practitioner, unearthing the cause of whatever pain we’re in and choosing the right tools to help heal the problem. This often involves change and personal growth.

  5. Once integrated, our life-force energy can nourish us to the fullest. This experience increases our overall health and sense of wholeness.

If these basic principles resonate with you, you can find out more about me and learn how I arrived at this understanding. 

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