For a while there, things were feeling pretty good. Life was full, but manageable. Something happened though, and it hit you hard. Maybe it’s a physical pain; maybe it’s an emotional pain. Maybe it’s even a spiritual pain. One way or another, it’s definitely a pain that has impacted how you feel about yourself and maybe even your life.

You keep telling yourself it’s not that bad, but in truth, you’re suffering. And it hurts. More than once you’ve tried to pick yourself up and get back to it, but you’re just not yourself. A lot of the time, you feel overwhelmed because you just don’t know what to do and so far, despite your best efforts, no one has really been able to help you, at least not as much as you’d like. 

Getting out of pain is possible. You can move through these blockages in safe and supported ways so that your vitality can return and you can move forward with your life feeling more integrated and whole.

If you feel like you’re suffering and are wondering what’s out there that could possibly help you, I invite you to read on.


"Working with Kate is an integral experience like no other I have received in a health care setting. I place great value in my sessions with Kate, as in her care I learn what it feels like to be a little bit more of myself." — AA


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